Grundig and Cornet

I often wonder if I never walked into school band room in grade 6, would I ever become a musician and develop love of music like I do today? The school brass band was auditioning for new students. I had no idea what to expect but I signed up. But, hold one. Music was always around me and so yeah there was a spark of music in me before I walked into the band room. I remember playing pop, rock, jazz and classical 33 1/3 records in my home on our old Grundig record player.

I actually found the photo of exact Grundig record player (I remember they were referred to as radiogram) we had in our home. It had amazing sound, and we had a pretty good variety of music on 33 1/3s, 45s and even some 78s (you old folks will know what I am talking about). Obviously this was way before sound compressed media, and so I grew up listening to a variety of music in full resolution.

Ear training is very important, specially if you are being trained as a musician. As a musician and music educator, I tell parents all the time to expose their children to a variety of music in best music production system as possible.

By the way, I joined the band as a cornet player. I stayed in the band till grade 10 when I graduated from that school. I owe my solid musical fundamentals from the years in school brass band. I was also exposed to variety of instruments in the band that included brass instruments and woodwinds. This later helped me compose music by writing for different instruments with better phrasing and improved understanding of voicing.

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