Amir Khan

Composer | Producer | music educator

Amir Khan is an contemporary American composer, his recent works (up until now) have been primarily instrumental compositions. His commercial instrumental compositions have been published in multiple media in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America and Asia. Some of his recent commercial credits include sound track on internationally syndicated ShowTime hit series Ray Donovan, The Travel Channel, and internationally syndicated Zumbo's Just Desserts and other placements in TV and media internationally. Recently SubPac commissioned Amir for their "Feel It" campaign. Amir is entrepreneur and owns a successful music school in Dallas, TX.

Learn about Amir's entire story below.

Early Years

Cornet & Casio VL-Tone

Amir's story illustrates a immigrant success story. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Amir's music training started in middle school. He was fortunate enough to attend a full day school that had a established brass band program. He learned to play the cornet and other brass/woodwind instruments.

In 5 years, he was an ace cornet/bugle player and enjoyed every moment of it. After he graduated from middle school, he had no more access to music education. He basically taught himself to play the keyboard entirely by ear.  His first instrument was the toyish "Casio VL Tone". By his late year in high school, he had founded his own band and by early years in college, his band was playing paid gigs. It was around this time that he also started taking private keyboard/piano students...

Session Musician

Sitar and EMI Studios

His first recording/broadcasting opportunity came when a band mate got a small acting part in children's TV series. This introduction allowed the band to secure a contract to write and play all music for the TV series. Amir ended up composing/arranging all music sequences for the entire series. During this process, Amir learned how to write, arrange and produce music. This was also his first experience with analog multi track recording techniques. By this time, Amir had also taken lessons in classical sitar and recorded sitar in his early compositions.

This led to explosion of commercial work for Amir during the late 80' through 90s. He started working as a session musician, while still in college. In one of his commercial gig, EMI studio chief sound engineer noticed Amir's work. By this time, Amir was writing music and producing original compositions using his Roland D-20 sequencer. The sound engineer convinced Amir to signup with EMI and do a solo instrumental album. The result was 'Space Dimensions, his first solo instrumental album on EMI (Pakistan) label...


Move to U.S.

Around this time, Amir was being noticed not just in Pakistan, but in America. A coincidental communication with an associate editor allowed Amir to be named South Asian corresponded for the famous 'Keyboard Magazine'.

After completing his bachelor's and MBA, Amir emigrated to the U.S. But Amir did not get a chance to begin writing music again till much later.  This happened when he completed a course in Pro Tools from Berklee College of Music in 2013. Immediately Amir found himself working with a leading sound library looking for original instrumental tracks. This led to many of Amir's instrumental placements in sound libraries and later placements in syndicated TV series worldwide. In 2013, Amir released a compilation of his commercial works in form of instrumental album "Images From Past. In late 2016, Amir was experimenting with musical sub frequencies and it's affect on wellness and relaxation. This lead Amir writing an exclusively commissioned piece for SubPac 'feel it' campaign.